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Professional squirrel control can lead to a better nights sleep.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control

Complete Pest Control provide a professional squirrel control service for business customers & individuals alike. The two major species of squirrel found in the UK are:-

Gray Squirrel

This is by far the most common squirrel found in the UK, these are an invasive species and can be quite the pest - please be aware, the name does not imply they are easily recognisable as coat colour is not always the best indication of species. The ears and tail are better guides for accurate recognition which in the Gray Squirrel, means lack of ear tufts and a tail which has a white halo.

Red Squirrel

Red squirrels have largely been replaced by the gray squirrel in England and Wales. This is perhaps largely due to the gray squirrel's greater resistance to Parapoxvirus, a disease which fatally affects red squirrels. Red Squirrels can be identified by the tufts on the ears and a large bushy tail which is all one colour.

Please be aware that Red Squirrels are protected by law and we are only able to carry out a trap and release policy and advise clients on products which may discourage them from your property.

Disease & Damage

The main sign of a squirrel problems is noise, an increased racket in your loft may be a sign that you have a visitor. You might also find a nearby drey which is a squirrel nest this may even be in your loft space.

When it comes to disease, the jury is still out - some claim squirrels may carry plague or other diseases, others say squirrels do not carry any harmful diseases which can be transferred to humans. However, why take the risk? If you think you have a squirrel problem, it's best to contact us quickly as they can strip electrical insulation from wires which poses a considerable fire hazard.

Squirrel Prevention

Preventing squirrels entering your home can be achieved by rodent-proofing your home. However, if they are already there we have a wide variety of methods of control & treatments which includes rodenticide grains, a variety of killer baits as well as a range of humane traps and live catch & release traps in the case of Red Squirrels which are protected by law. Once the infestation is under control we will advise our customers what actions they can take to minimises the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

Rogues Gallery

Help identify your enemy, click any of the images for a larger version.

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For more information regarding squirrel control in Oxfordshire, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details of our squirrel control services.